3DR IRIS+ Review


3D robotics is the recent release from IRIS. Amazingly and surprisingly in this drone they have not used their own camera instead they used GoPro Hero3 but I am sure they will work on it later on. The flight time of Iris 3D Robotics is 10-15 minutes that is slightly less as compared to other drones but it has many other amazing features. IRSI+ is one of the best drones for serious drone flyers and aerial photographers.

Well IRIS 3D robotics is a ready to fly model of drone but still I will recommend one must have a little flying experience before their first flight with the 3D IRIS. This advance quadcopter requires proper firming and updates. Though it comes with default settings but set of many different types of settings can make it a perfect drone for some people. Look at some of the amazing features of IRIS 3D Robotics Quadcopter.

The Geofence

The 3D Robotics has an amazing feature for setting the boundary before flight. Incase after setting the boundry you end up crossing that boundary line, IRIS 3D robotics will automatically turn back to its launching point. See this feature of IRIs makes it very secure during flight especially for beginners when they are learning to fly. It makes it simple and easy to use. Moreover it has a simple Togger button. Pressing that togger button will tell the drone to come back to the position it had been launched from.

Mission Planning

If you are sure about where you want to fly your IRIS 3D Robotics. Then you can set the automatic pilot missing option turned on. You can set the flight paths and ways point by using the automatic pilot mission operation on your robotics drone. Then IRIS will fly for you. Mission planning will make it fun to fly and more make it secure. It is one of the features that many other drones does not have.

Set Up the Ground Control Center

You can connect your IRIS 3D robotics with your android phone. It will provide you all the aerial data during flight on your android device.

Tarot Brushless Gimbal Kit

Tarot Brushless kit uses the three axis technology to ensure the perfect images. It doesn’t matter how fast and how high you fly. It will provide you the perfect and stable video even in stormy weather. Moreover It includes the mounting plates with 4 long legs.

Extra Battery Pack

IRIS includes one rechargeable battery with 3 cells of 350 mAh. It also provides a LiPo charger and a LiPo bag for safe and secure charging. In case you want to transport battery from one place to another, LiPo bag will help to secure your battery and charger.


IRIS has an HD mounted camera that provides you stunning aerial images. It is loved by aerial photographers too. If you want to make Aerial photography more fun, buy your IRIS 3D robotics now.

Extra Propellers Arms and Legs

Make your aerial photography and videography more fun and secure. Buy extra propellers, arms and legs now for your IRIS 3D Robotics. Propellers usually come in pair of four and legs and arms come in pair of 2. IRIS also has extra pair of legs in red colour for more secure flight.


Settings in IRIS 3D robotics are quite simple and easy. Firstly try to read the instruction before flight. It will help you a lot. Find the battery kit and charge the battery completely before flight. The flight time of IRIS with completely charged battery is 10-15 minutes. Moreover IRIS comes with four propellers. What you need to do is to attach them with the quadcopter and rotate each one towards the given locking direction. If you are failed to lock the propellers don’t worry they will automatically get locked before taking off.

As compared to all other remote controls for drones, I have found that IRIS 3D robotics comes with coolest remote control. Well it looks like it is designed for video gaming but it has impressive functions. The left stick of remote controls the altitude of the drone simply move the left stick of remote up and down. If you want to rotate the drone simply move left controller stick towards right and left respectively and the drone will rotate in the desired directions. The right stick of the remote control is to control the pitch and roll. If you will tilt the right stick, the drone will be tilted too according to the given operation. If you are a beginner in flying a drone and learning to fly drone. First learn these movements at very low height. It will be more secure and safe.

Flight Modes

The IRIS has 3 following flight modes. Their functions are different respectively:

  1. Standard mode (STD): It allows you to fly your drone manually.
  2. Hover Mode (LTR): It helps you to hover drone in a place. It is very helpful tool beginners.
  3. Auto Mode (AUTO): It will allow you to set flight paths or way points and drone will fly automatically.


  • uBlox GPS with integrated magnetometer
  • Motor to motor dimension: 550 mm
  • Height: 100 mm
  • Weight (along with battery): 1282 g
  • Average flight time: 10-15 minutes
  • Payload capacity: 425 g (.9 lb)
  • Battery: 3-cell 11.1 V 3.5 Ah lithium polymer with XT-60 type connector.
  • Propellers: (2) 10 x 4.7 normal-rotation, (2) 10 x 4.7 reverse-rotations
  • Weight: 262 grams
  • Motors: AC 2830, 850 kV
  • Radios available in 915 MHz or 433 MHz


  •  It is very steady because of two axis stabilization.
  • Auto mission flight planning.
  • Hands free flying.
  • Geofence flight option will ensure safe and secure flight.


  • It is little Complex
  • Heavy as compared to drones of same category.
  • No camera included but it has mounted GoPro.
3DR IRIS+ Review on June 9, 2015 rated 4.9 of 5

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