8 Factors To Be Considered When Buying A New Drone Or Quardcopter

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With the term drone the first thing comes to our mind is drones are used for destruction. Relax! There are different kinds of drones used for the different purposes. Drone market is evolving very rapidly and various varieties of drones are available for the civilians. They may include drones to drop parcels, to be used for coverage of any event or may be used for photography purpose. Buying a drone is tricky, you need to have know-how of various features and price before buying any drone. The options can be very confusing and prices are usually ranging from $300 to $100,000. Sometimes you are expecting different functions to be performed by drones that may not be familiar to anyone not officially recognizable with the equipment. This article consists up of some simple tips that need to be considered while buying a drone that may help you to meet your requirements.

1. Your Price Range

The most important thing while buying the drone is, identify your price range. This is important because there different varieties of drones with different prices. Usually drone prices range from $50 to up to $10,000. So it is important for you to look for drones under your budget. If you have a lower budget, you should look at drones under $100.

2. Radio Frequencies Need To Be Checked

Mostly drones use various radio frequencies, some drones have ability to use 2 to 3 frequencies. The most important thing is to make sure that frequency you are going to buy is allowed in your country/region. The most common frequencies according to our research are listed below:

R/C Control

  • 433MHz
  • 2.4GHz


  • 433MHz
  • 915MHz
  • 2.4GHz

Video Streaming

  • 1.2-1.3GHz
  • 2.4GHz
  • 5.8GHz

3. Check Local UAV Regulations

As we know that drones are so new yet, they are in varying states of legality throughout different parts of world. Before using or buying any drone make sure that your country’s airspace regulations organization allows that. Let me quote an example. In United States of America, until 2015, the commercial use of drones is totally disallowed. However, non-commercial use of drones in US are allowed (you will still have to follow the rules) . Some countries like Australia and UK have advanced parameters at the place where the operator can become certified with particular limitations and rules. Whereas there are still some countries, who have not even addressed drone usage yet. Mostly the drone with attached camera is not allowed to be used because of security and privacy issues. So be sure about the regulations before buying a drone.

4. About the System

Make sure you are well aware of the system included in the drones you are going to buy. Most of the times you may be anticipated to provide your own batteries, your own chargers, your own cameras and even sometimes a RC remote controller. Most of the sellers usually allow you to use your own computer or laptop for ground station but sometimes they provide one pre-configured for the system.

5. Service And Repairs

Consider a fact that through normal usage your drone can be damaged or crashed. As you are not a perfectly trained pilot so the chances of damage or crash are slightly more. So before buying a drone make sure to check the price and availability of replaceable air-frames. Sometime small air-frames are easy to replace/repair in field by simply using glue or tape. But on the other hand the fiberglass or wood is more difficult to be repaired/replaced so you will have to spend a few $$ on it.

6. Camera Type

It is very important to consider the drone camera type. Some of the drones already have their own cameras in it. Whereas iPhone or camera can be attached with some drones. You should select a drone which already has its own built-in camera. The reason for that is built-in camera are less in weights and usually more functional as compared to other cameras. A few other consideration regarding camera could be:

  1. How many megapixel it is.
  2. The distance from which camera can capture.
  3. Video resolution.
  4. If camera angle is controlled or not.

If you are planning to take pictures and videos from the quadcopter flying in the air you need to consider the above things.

Check out best drones with camera.

7. Controllable Range

The range by which the drone can be controlled is really very important. Most of the drones usually works with the remote distance i.e. 30 meters approximately. This distance is farthest that can be controllable. Knowing the range is not very important for the casual users but if you want to take the perfect aerial view you need to control the drone perfectly. Mostly the expensive models have further ranges and vice versa.

8. Battery Life.

Of course battery life is also very important. No matter the quadcopter is for you or for your child, you want the long lasting battery. Following few things should be considered.

  • Charging Time: How much time the battery takes to be charged. Mostly it takes 2 hours. So always be sure about the charging time before buying.
  • Battery life: Some qua copters fly 6 to 12 minutes before needed to be landed and recharged.
  • Replaceability: If your battery is dead and you required your drone to fly more you can use replaceable batteries. Make sure if the battery is replaceable or not. Ofcourse one cannot buy or replace drone everyday.

So the above 8 considerations should be kept in mind before buying drones so they can meet your expectations. Or you may concern any professional for guidance but do not take risks.

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