Hubsan x4 h107c complete Review

Hubsan x4 h107c

Well today I am going to review Hubsan x4 h107c. That is a micro quardcopter with a built in High Definition camera. Among numerous number of quadcopters, this tiny drone is best for indoor and outdoor photography and videography with its high definition HD camera.

The first thing I noticed about Hubsan x4 h107c is its tiny size. It is not more bigger than smart phones and can be easily fit in your hand. It is amazingly well constructed and is more dense than anyone’s imagination at first picking up. Don’t worry its extra weight is not going to affect its flying anyways. It flies perfectly. This quadcopter by Husban is manufactured by hard soldered parts, that means its spare parts of all components are also available. In most of the cases this quad does not have any problem but one should monitor it completely before buying.


This quadcopter comes up with a very long and hard instructions. I will recommend all of you to read these instructions carefully before your first fly. These instructions are quite simple I.e. “A QUICK START GUIDE”. Calibration Technique is the most important thing you need to notice on that piece of paper. The default Calibration is needed to be set before you first start up the quad. Well the actual working components that come with the quad in the box includes battery, quad itself ofcourse, charging cables and spare blades. The charging cable usually only comes with the USB port so you can attach it with your computer or USB port in your car. One Thing must be noted here that there is no wall adapter and SD card included with the quad. If you need them, you can buy from market.

Charging And First Flight

The complete charging time of this quad is almost half an hour. There is a red light on the charger which turns on when the battery is charging and turns off when it is done.

Note: Please follow all the instructions before charging of LiPo batteries. Husban quadcopter usually comes with the manual of instructions regarding battery. Must read it before charging battery.

Once you are done with charging, put the battery into quadcopter and get ready for your first flight. Reset calibration and this is ready for your first quick flight. The completely fixed and properly charged quad has flight time of 7 minutes. It has a light above which start blinking if the battery is low. Try to land the copter as soon as possible after indication that battery is low. It will help to increase the life span of your battery.

Note: I suggest you to buy some extra batteries for your quadcopter. Trust me one will not be enough.

Video capabilities

This quadcopter comes with larger motors and more battery capacity i.e. 380 mah. As compared to other quad copters Husban is heavy but this is not going to affect its flight or video qualities don’t worry. The HD camera 2 MP and it is capable of recording 720p. If you are using this quadcopter for the first time, the video from the quad might be blurred but don’t worry you can fix it. What you need to do is to adjust the lens properly and try to refocus the object carefully.

The quality of the mid range and closer shot of Husban is same as camera 808#16. Though this quadcopter do not have wide lens but still it doesn’t detract the video from giving the wider view of the field.

I feel it very important to mention that recording will be started from the button present on the side of the quad. You will notice that a very small LED present internally will start blinking as the recording starts. Once you are done with recording push the button again to stop. If you did not stop the recording before removing the battery, you will lose the video. If you are interested in aerial videography and photography, then Husban is the best platform to start with. It is very stable, very simple, easy to use and easy to handle. More over you can easily learn about it flight by just reading the instructions that comes with it.


The most amazing thing about this Hubsan x4 h107c is that it very durable. It will bump with walls, will have accident landing from the amplitude but still it will working perfectly. Moreover if you want to play while flying quadcopter, Hubsan x4 h107c will help you because of its very small size. This tiny quadcopter will certainly fly in the places where big quadcopter cannot.


The specs of Husban four are amazing, have a look on them.

Motor (x4): Coreless Motor

Frequency: 2.4GHz with 4 channels

Battery: 3.7V/380mAh

HD Camera: 2 MP 720p with video recording module

memory card: SD card is not included

Flight time: about 7 minutes (with full battery)

charging time: 30 minutes approximately

Product size: 2.7 x 2.7 x 1 inches. It is very tiny and can get fit in your pocket easily.

Box size: 14 x 3.6 x 7.2 inches.

If you are not aware about coreless motor used in this quadcopter, let me clear you that it is the same brush motor but wound a little differently as compared to the other traditional brushed motors. Coreless motors are capable of Alter their RPM more quickly as compared to other mothers and thus it is used in this quadcopter.


  1.  It comes with a built in camera, therefore best for aerial photography and videography.
  2.  You can move it in all four directions, Right, left, backward and forward.
  3.  You will get the extra set of blades without paying extra amount with this quadcopter.
  4.  Feature 6-Axis flight control with Adjustable Gyro Sensitivity
  5. It’s All fun to use.


  1. You are supposed to check the status of arms after any crash or accident.
  2.  Sometimes the writing stick might look a bit unstable.
  3.  No wall plug for charging and No SD card.
Hubsan x4 h107c complete Review on March 21, 2015 rated 4.6 of 5

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