What Are Drones Used For? 10 Uses of Drones

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Almost all of us knows that drone are used in battle field, The term drone creates the image of a weapon used in wars. Many people only knows that these flying creatures in the air are used for security purpose and privacy concerns. In the past years whenever we see anything flying in the air we assumed three things it must be a bird, or a plane or definitely a drone which have been used for security and defense purpose. But have you ever think that they might be delivering presents to your doors very soon? People will be using them Unmanned air vehicles for fun? farmers are going to use them for checking out their land? Media channels are going to use them for covering different situations? No? Don’t worry in this article we are going to tell you about different uses of drones which may surprise you but yes drones can be used for different purposes, they are making life easier. According to ex-Wired editor and 3D Robotics CEO Chris Anderson, the DIY drone community will soon have more than 15,000 drones flying, compared to some 7,000 drones in use worldwide by military forces.

Delivering presents to your door

According to CEO of Amazon, their company is testing drone that might be delivering presents and gadgets to your doors. These drones are capable of lifting load of up to 5 ponds i.e. mostly ordered by 86 percent of Amazon users. It will work and it is going to be so much fun soon.


People mostly take Selfies from their phone to get hundreds of like by putting them on social media. Have you ever think that now you can take Selfie from 100 kilometers above your head by using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles? This is the next step in the social media. Many drones already have built in camera rest of them have ability to carry iPhone or camera with them. Some producers have used drones in their movies to capture outdoor activities from hundreds of miles to have a perfect and natural view.

Going to Hollywood

Unmanned aerial Vehicle (UAV) has been used by different Hollywood movies already, who wanted to capture innovation shots with least limitations. In past the effects which were achieved by heavy cranes, unlimited wires, dollies and crane operators can be now achieved more perfectly simply by using UAV’s.

Drones are making Farming easy

With the aerial abilities of drones, farmers can use drones to see the better view of their irrigated land, How are their crops, and they are able to check if any of their plant is sick or dead by using technology used as infrared technology. This make farmers enable to make decisions when too water or fertilizes their crops. This technology cost only cents per acre. See how easy drones have converted the tough job of farming into easy one.

Get Immersive

FPV (First person view) is considered as the fastest growing area for the hobby. A drone with the especially equipped camera on it is flown in the air and video is shown on the goggles person is wearing. It enables person wearing goggles to see whatever is seen by the drone hundreds of miles away in the air. This technique is best for the nature loving people and researchers.

Drones can even help to sell Your House

Thanks to inexpensive drones which are being used in California to capture best aerial view of your house. This method is growing through different parts of world where the hills, beaches, water and vineyards can enhance even the most dull looking home and may help you sell it in best price. Move over still photos and open houses, the next real estate listing may be accompany by a drone excursion.

News Reporting

When it comes to news reporting, there is competition between different news channel to show the best picture of the event or situation to their audience. Different news channel are now a days using drones to capture the aerial view of event. This trend is incredibly going among the journalists and reporters making their work more easier.

Saving the World And People

Drones are being used by a wide range of environmentalists and scientists to keep tabs of environment. Drones are being used by NASA already for checking make up of ozone layer. This drone using concept is getting popular everyday and it also being taught to different students and researchers. In Italy drones are being used to check the illegal dumping of years.

Moreover one of the interesting fact is, the recently graduate student who belongs to Austria took this life saving equipment to next level. He amazingly devised a system where drones can take defibrillators to heart attack victims faster than any ambulance could.

Helping in Disaster

People considered drones as life ending equipment used in wars. But no drones are not only used to end life, they can be also used to save life.  As with the passing time extreme weather becomes severe and technology might help in monitoring and response. NASA and other NGO’s they all agreed that drones are becoming indispensable in operations for disaster relief. Natural disaster requires timely supply of medicine and other aid to the situation. Don’t worry drones can now make this effort more efficient. A company named MATTERNET, they are already using drones to drop food and drugs to some African villages. Fortunately Drones have the ability to make sure the access to basic needs in places where roads become impassable in rainy seasons and storms, or where they might not exist at all.

Fighting For Crime

Different investigation institutions are using drones to keep an eye on any kind of criminal activity. Even FBI is using them.

Every one of us knows that technology have both negative and positive impacts. It depends on humans how they are going to use it. Same is the case with drones, drones can be also used to save life. The above article might have changed your perspective about drone. Drones are not only used to kill people across the borders but they can also be used for different purposes to make life easier and worth loving. Thanks to technology for making our lives fun by every passing day.

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